With some of SD13s crew lost on their previous mission, and others moving on to better things, new arrivals fill their positions, some that have a sorted past with the current well knit group.

On a mission to investigate why production has stopped on Resource Planet 88, the new team finds a whole lot more than they expected. To make matters worse, the deceased former captain’s brother is out for revenge, and has things planned for Captain Adrianna Archa, that no one could possibly expect.

Gripping space battles, perfectly laid traps, and a damaged ship are just the beginning of of their problems. If this new, conflicted crew wants to survive, and make it home alive, they must put aside their differences and do the impossible, for not only is Captain Archa’s life on the line, the rest of the crew and their top secret, Legion stealth ship, Star Dragon 13, is at risk as well.

Get ready for a deep space adventure like no other.

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