Welcome to Star Dragon 13!

The last surviving ship of a secret fleet of spy vessels. With the fleet wiped out save for the sole surviving ship, the crew of Star Dragon 13 have assumed a role in the universal conflict between the Legion and the Floskians. Constructed by the Legion to run covert operations, the existence of the ship is a well guarded secret. Join the crew of Star Dragon 13 as they explore the universe, investigating anomalies, and searching for answers.

About the Authors

Michael Ender:┬áMichael Ender authors science fiction books and short fiction. He enjoys the thrill of deep sea fishing in smaller boats, and has done so in Hawaii, St. Thomas, the Gulf of Mexico, and along the Eastern Coast of the US. His life’s dream is to fish the Great Barrier Reef, down under and explore the Galapagos Islands, on a Darwin Tour. When not writing you might find him at the movies or buried in a book. You can follow his tweets @SD_thirteen

J.T. Arralle: Growing up with a love of all things Science Fiction & Fantasy, with a smidgen of horror thrown in, J.T. has spent his whole life creating things. From an early age he enjoyed many hours of gaming sessions where he would craft adventures for his players of epic proportions. Over the years, notes accumulated and a lot of books were read. Having spent some time in the video gaming industry creating entertaining titles, he has now applied his creative energy to writing. J.T. has a number of short stories published in anthologies, as well as standalone. You can find him on the following platforms: